Farraha Lynn Photography

     Mysterious, Unique, Eternal, Dark

Are four words to describe

Farraha Lynn and her photography.


Farraha Lynn is conceptual Fine Art photographer  living and working in Texas.          
She is a published photographer who has built a life on a small farm in Texas with her husband and three children and many, many animals.

Farraha lynns’ professional journey began in 2001, but her love for photography blossomed when she was only 12 years old, her first camera was a purple 110 Kodak at age 12. Since that moment she is always looking for a creative spark with some sort of camera in her hand. Although her love of photography has been in her heart for a long time, she has only recently mustered the courage and freedom to make the art she loves known to the rest of the world.

Artist statement:

I create Imagery that has emotional and unworldly aspects with a succession of images, thoughts or emotions passing through the mind.

I have often said

I love to create what my mind see’s”.

 “I want to provide a journey into my own private world pushed into reality through fine art.”


This gives me away to connect with the world how I see things. People say I live in my own little world and that’s true, but what they don’t see is I bring that world back to help me survive in today world. 

The hopes, dreams, inspiration, and darkness, fear, and frailty I see,

 I make a reality for today.

 I love to get lost in between the worlds because then I can create the magic that I see every day,

For everyone else to see.

Sometimes it is dark and demons and sometimes its fairies, whimsical and light.

But it’s always from the realm of deep within myself that my fine art creations come from.

I like to have my viewers think and find aspects of my images.

 To feel where and what it is about, to wonder where it comes from.

I don’t mind if you hate it, or it angers you, even if you’re left confused.

If it creates a feeling of happiness , sadness, or strong Love for my art. 

I strive to make you feel something.

To create a bond with you in a meaningful way.

To give you a window into my big scary wonderful world.

What better way to share how I see the world,

by creating fine art photography